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„Best International Destination Services Provider 2012/2013 and 2014/2015“

Management Mobility Consulting has again won the Re:locate Award for 2014 / 2015 as "Best International Destination Service Provider"
Management Mobility Consulting was recognized as the Relocation Service Provider of the Year 2015more

„Specialist – Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year 2015“

Management Mobility Consulting was awarded as "Specialist - Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year - France" in February 2015 by the magazine M&A Today.
Specialist – Company Relocation Service Provider of the Year 2015more

„Excellence in Relocation Management Services 2017“

Management Mobility Consulting has won the "Innovation and Excellence Awards 2017" in the area of "Excellence in Relocation Management Services".
Management Mobility Consulting has won the Innovation and Excellence Awards 2017 in the area of Excellence in Relocation Management Servicesmore

Relocation France

General Information:

France has always played an important role in the world's history. Every year this country attracts several thousands of tourists and a growing number of expatriates decide to relocate to the hexagon.


About 74% of all French employees work in the tertiary sector. Many companies were nationalized for a long time as a result of the mercantilism tradition, however today, the national economy is very liberal and privatized. The main exporting goods are cars, planes, and wine. The major partner of imports and exports is Germany.


France has one of the most diverse systems for childcare in Europe, offering many different possibilities from a nursery, a nursery school, or a nanny. This enables young mothers to go back to work sooner.


When you go to the doctor in France, you must always pay directly at the end of the consultation. French people subscribe to a general insurance and this public system takes in charge most fees. To be reimbursed, one simply has to send the note to his/her health insurance.


In general, expatriates decide to relocate to Paris though, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Strasbourg also are common destinations. If your expatriate is looking for an accommodation in the suburbs, it usually is not a problem. In areas of dense urban concentration, it is harder to meet the needs of the expatriate, yet it is still possible to find adequate housing.

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